Jack Downey in full Coast Guard atireThis form provides you with the opportunity to provide stories, recollections, and remembrances that you personally have about MCPO John “Jack” Downey. Your input is limited to this form. If you feel that you have more than one story to relate, please fill out a second form after your first submission. Also, the authors are available to interview you on a limited basis.  If we quote your stor(ies), you will get an opportunity to review the appropriate section(s) of the book.

Please provide your full name, rank, e-mail, and telephone number (here) in case we need to follow up with you

Important: include when your MCPO story occurred, at what duty station and as much detail about your relationship with the Master Chief at the time and how that experience altered your life or career). The publisher has also asked that we include operational “rescue stories” featuring the Master Chief. Please consider providing relevant operational vignettes where he made a difference.