The CG36500-Pendleton Leadership Series tells the true story of Bernard “Bernie” C. Webber, the young coxswain of a 36’ motor lifeboat who led his three-man crew into a Nor’easter in 60’ seas and hurricane-grade winds to reach the Pendleton. As the mission unfolded, hurricane winds tore the compass from its mount and blew in the windshield. Bernie and his crew, exposed to deadly weather conditions, eventually found the Pendleton five miles south of Chatham. The crew’s survival hinged the dramatic formation of a community of men cooperating to endure the crisis, and flawless, selfless dedication to duty. This one-hour program features a vivid PowerPoint lecture with ample time for Q & A to further engage listening audiences and to encourage group discussion. The presentation is designed for diverse audiences: for men and women from 16 to 60, who will serve or are serving as leaders in the Armed Forces, Merchant Marine, non-profit and for-private sectors, government, and students, cadets and midshipmen at service academies and seasoned corporate leaders seeking new ideals on leadership and emergency management.

Master Chief John E. “Jack” Downey, and Historian Theresa J. Mitchell, are co-presenters in the Series.

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