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Madaket Millie to the rescue!

Madaket Millie to the rescue! USNIP 2004. The author discusses Mildred Jewett’s significance as a 50+ year volunteer for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary during wars, storms and normal island life. The article was written with the assistance of Mr. Fred Rogers aka “Mr. Rogers,” who corresponded with the author and provided invaluable perspective including an episode of his show that featured Millie. Rogers and Millie were lifelong friends.

Anti-terrorist Strategic Planning Must Include History Lessons

Anti-terrorist Strategic Planning Must Include History’s Lessons. USCG Alumni Bulletin April 2003. The author describes the state of the Coast Guard’s history program and offers suggestions to better integrate history’s lessons into modern planning.

Enlist the public in maritime homeland security

Enlist the public in maritime homeland security. The author discusses how the average citizen can make a difference in the war on terror.

The Pendelton Rescue

USNIP. December 2001.

Too Tired to Tell?

Too Tired To Tell. The author discusses real-world challenges to effective Search and Rescue decision-making by critical personnel in rescue centers precipitated by fatigue driven by too few numbers and 24 hour watch shifts.

The next disaster : Ready to respond?

United States Naval Institute. Proceedings – Annapolis If a large commercial airplane plummeted into the sea today, would your agency be prepared to respond effectively, efficiently, and compassionately? It can be if you follow the prior planning and lessons learned from the New England Coast Guard commands that directed major portions of at-sea operations during […]

Solving the Mysteries of Sunken Coast Guard Treasures

Solving the Mysteries of Sunken US Coast Guard Treasures. The author discusses the hunt for Revenue Cutter Bear off Boston.

Lightship Crew Remembered

Lightship Crew Remembered. The author befriends the sole survivor from LV-73 which sunk in the Great Hurricane of the Atlantic and describes life on lightships.

Lost and nearly forgotten

In 1944, the Coast Guard lightship Vineyard sank to the bottom off Sow & Pig’s Reef in Massachusetts . Were it not for the efforts of one of her crewmen, her story would still rest with her.

Working together to free whales

Working together to free whales. The author discusses a groundbreaking partnership between the Coast Guard and Cape Cod’s Center for Coastal Studies to track and disentangle scarce whales and offers long term possibilities for laws and funding for the mission.

Hell-Roaring Mike’s a Hero

Hell-Roarin Mike’s A Hero! July 1999, USNIP. The Coast Guard’s first African American skipper was “the law” in Alaska. He was also a brutal leader and an alcoholic. But, without his skills and perseverance, many would have perished.

Cape and Islands’ Prevention & Readiness for a High Capacity Passenger Vessel Accident at Sea

Cape and Island Prevention and Preparedness for High Capacity Passenger Vessel Accident. June 1, 1999 Cape Cod Times’My View by the author articulating unique public-private sector partnerships designed to address the very real threat of mass scale ferry tragedies. These same partnerships and capabilities were stressed and leveraged the following months during the JFK Jr. and Egypt Air 990 air crashed.


Found Heroes: The US Coast Guard’s Lifesaving Medals. Wreck & Rescue Winter edition 1999. The author discusses how the Coast Guard recognizes America’s maritime heroes.

‘Someone get that damned dog!’

During a World War II convoy, the USS Bibb (WPG-31) stayed behind to pluck 235 survivors from U-boat-infested waters in the North Atlantic-but the only recognition given went to the crewman who saved Rickey, a dog.

The Changing of the Guard

The Changing of the Guard. August 1996 USNIP. The status of US Coast Guard- KGB Maritime Border Guard relations and its historical significance to the nation.

Rescuers Can Be Victims, Too

Rescuers Can be Victims Too. Second Runner up, USNIP Essay contest December 1995. The author discusses how maritime rescuers can be affected by tragic circumstances and offers solutions based on experience.

Letting Go the Anchor and Nine Shots of Chain

A WHEC-class Coast Guard cutter had just finished a successful REFTRA period in Hawaii. The operations department had won their third straight E for excellence in navigation, which included several anchoring exercises. The deck department also had earned praise for their part in the same exercises. Now came a brief in-port period before going on […]

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